Dr. Manolis Tsapakis

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Aims and results of the Innovative Development of Multitrophic Aquaculture (IDMA) project

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Dr. Manolis Tsapakis  is Researcher Director (grade A) of Institute of Oceanography at HCMR. He holds a Ph.D in Environmental Organic Chemistry (2003) and a B.Sc. (1993) in Chemistry from the University of Crete, Greece. His work has contributed to the understanding the fate of inorganic and organic substances released from point sources with focus on aquaculture activities. He heads an active research team working on environmental sustainability of aquaculture development in the EU with particular interests in: 1) Improved spatial planning within the aquaculture development zone to avoid impacts on the marine ecosystem, 2) Calculation of the carrying capacity for optimal increase in production, 3) Development of tailored, area specific environmental monitoring plans, 4) Buffering of conflicts with other coastal zone users such as fisheries and tourism, and 5) mitigation of environmental impacts of aquaculture through effective development strategies. He has worked as a team leader or principal investigator in a number of recent and ongoing EU and other international research projects including, TAPAS IDMA, AQUAPEF, USV-ARGO, MSFD, WFD etc. His research has been presented in more than 60 scientific publications.