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Panagiotis Lamprintzis
Systems & Monitoring Services (Greece) S.A.

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Systems & Monitoring Services (Greece) S.A.
Protecting life and assets. Innovative solutions for the aquaculture industry

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Panagiotis Lamprintzis is Head of the Sales Engineering Department of G4S Security Systems & Monitoring Services (Greece) S.A.

His responsibilities include the development of integrated security solutions, based on innovative, cutting-edge technologies.

Panagiotis is leading the design team responsible for the development of the innovative solutions for the protection of life and assets that G4S proposes and has already effectively applied in the aquaculture industry in Greece.

Panagiotis holds an MSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens as well as an MBA from the Athens University of Economics and Business and has long standing experience in the fields of Energy, IT and Security.