Dr Helen Miliou is a Biologist (BSc 1981) with postgraduate studies in Hydrobiology and Aquaculture (MSc 1984, PhD 1990). She is Professor of Applied Hydrobiology and participates in the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate courses of the Department of Animal Science of Agricultural University of Athens (AUA). She is the Head of the Laboratory of Applied Hydrobiology (LAH). She has published 50 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and 70 in Conference proceedings. She has been Coordinator in five research funding projects and continuous to be in other two. She was also Scientific Responsible of the research carried out by the LAH (AUA) in five projects and participated in other seven projects. In addition, she is currently the Leader of WP4: Joint Research of ERASMUS+ project of European University EU-CONEXUS, as well as of WP4: Research Infrastructures and Resources of the “Research for Society” HORIZON 2020 project of European University EU-CONEXUS. Her research interests are focused on: a) growth, biometry, metabolism, haematology, population dynamics, stress responses, chemical composition and fatty acid profile of aquatic organisms, b) sustainable aquaculture, c) quality of fishery and aquaculture products, d) welfare of cultured aquatic organisms, e) toxicity effects of pollutants on aquatic organisms, f) nutritional requirements οf cultured fish, g) fish oil and fish meal replacement in aquafeeds,  h) flow of energy and nutrients in aquatic ecosystems, i) Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA).