Dr Ioanna Kalantzi is a post-doctoral researcher in the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) – Institute of Oceanography. She holds a PhD in Environmental Chemistry (2013) from the Biology Department (University of Crete) and an MSc in Environmental Sciences (2004) from the Environmental Engineering Department (Technical University of Crete) and a bachelor in Chemistry (2002). Her work has contributed to the understanding of the aquaculture ecosystem interactions, the human risk assessment through the consumption of seafood and the bioaccumulation, bioavailability and trophic transfer of contaminants, such as metals, elements, POPs, and nanoparticles, in the marine environment and in marine organisms. She has been involved in 24 RTD projects (12 national and 12 EU funded) focused on the anthropogenic impacts on the marine environment, the marine organisms, the human nutrition and the atmosphere and on the interactions of the environment with aquaculture, such as Water Framework Directive, AQUACOSM, TAPAS, POSEIDOMM, AQUA-NANO. Results of her work have been published in 25 international peer reviewed journals, and in several conference presentations and posters.