Karakasis Ioannis, Professor of Marine Biology, Dept. of Biology, University of Crete. He has been a researcher at the Institute of Marine Biology of Crete, assistant professor at the Technical University of Crete and vice-rector at the University of Crete (2016-2020). He has coordinated or participated in 42 Greek and international research projects, 15 of which focus on environmental interactions of aquaculture. Member of the working groups: “Benthic Indicators Group (BIG)” of IOC-UNESCO, “WG on Offshore Aquaculture” of GESAMP, and “WG on Ecosystem Approach to Aquaculture” of FAO. Coordinator of the SHOCMED program and the “WG on Site Selection and Carrying Capacity for Mediterranean Aquaculture” within the GFCM. Coordinator of the team that conducted the study on the “Carrying Capacity of fish farming in Greece ” in 2007. Author of 120 papers in international scientific journals, citations to his work exceed 7800 (Google Scholar), has given> 50 guest lectures in conferences and other scientific events.